Monday, June 23, 2008

Veggie Tales

So - that bucket of beans I mentioned - yeah..... it was about three gallon size bags. Now we have about 5 million ears of sweet corn, a large bag of zipper peas, and acre peas we still have not done yet. My god, our freezer is getting full (that would be the FREE deep freezer we got a while back that I neglected to mention - it's a stand up freezer too).

Neener Neener Neener.

Oh yea. We may have another house opportunity soon. A couple we know may be moving since the husband got a new job that's a little far for a daily commute. They've already agreed we get first dibs on the house if we can get financing - four bedroom, two bath, den, dining room, family room, bonus room on the back, screened in pool, on 7 WOODED acres - right down the street from where we are now so we could practically carry our stuff over there. It's a pre-fab home, so steel walls etc - VERY hurricane friendly - not that we get to many of those in N Central Florida. BEAUTIFUL house. HUGE - I think it's 2800 S.F. I'm not sure what the price they would ask is yet - I'm hoping somewhere around 200k based on what they paid for it in 2005. Doable people, definitely doable. Keep your fingers crossed.