Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pray for Patrick

I don't know if I posted about this the first time it happened or not. My son has some kind of issue and we don't know what it is, but it's enough to warrant a referral to both a cardiologist and a neurologist.

Yesterday I was in a meeting at work and the receptionist comes in to interrupt, saying I had a phone call.

My heart stopped. I knew it could only be the daycare, and it could only be for one reason that they would interrupt me in a meeting. Patrick "passed out" again. The first time this happened was about 3 months ago. He was playing, seemed a little fussy, and then he just went limp, eyes rolled back in head, not responsive. Lasted about 15-20 seconds and they weren't able to confirm if he was breathing or not. We took him to the doc (ended up seeing the practitioner, NOT his doctor). They did blood work, the assumption being he had a blood sugar dip since he took an extra long nap that day and missed lunch. Blood work came back OK. I was concerned about seizure activity since my mom had childhood seizures. She was pretty certain it was NOT a seizure. So we chalked it up to not sure and left it alone.

Back to yesterday. I get on the phone and she says it happened again. He had just ate, and she set him on the floor to get ready to change him, and he fell over and went stiff as a board (instead of limp like last time). They still never told me if they could tell if he was breathing, but she did say his face looked a little blue. The owner sat him up and blew in his face and then he snapped out of it and started crying. She said he had a blank stare on his face and didn't really seem aware of what was going on. So I went back to the doc. Pretty much didn't give them an option, they were going to see us RIGHT NOW. Lucky for me it was towards the end of the day so they didn't have any appointments at that time. We saw HIS DOCTOR this time, not the practitioner. I again expressed my concerns about seizures. He said it was possible but he was more inclined to believe it was a heart problem. So first, to the cardiologist and if we don't find anything there, to the neurologist, and if we don't find anything there, then at least we got the big stuff ruled out.