Monday, June 16, 2008

Its Nice When You Get All the Instructions Upfront

So. I got a 93 on my letter because I didn't make up letterhead with contact info for it. That kind of irritates me because 1) he didn't say anything about letterhead in the instructions, and 2) I thought about doing it but didn't. So I lost points I could have had if I decided to be less lazy.

I have been doing well on the bike riding - I've been going every other day (when it isn't raining) because my legs can't handle every day. I don't have a scale so I can't weigh myself yet, but I feel "tighter" so that is good. Through research with my mom this weekend I've determined for my body size and height that I should weigh between 130 and 140 (approximately). My goal is 135 so that equates to about 45-50 lbs I need to lose. OMG THAT IS A LOT. Oh, and according to same chart, I am not only "overweight" but borderline "obese". That is a hard pill to swallow. Especially considering I was always between 120 and 125 until about 18 when I had issues in my life (that I am still not going to disclose here because I am ashamed of them) which caused the start of my weight gain. I have definitely been getting more fruit in my diet and it definitely helps with the sweet tooth. This morning I had a banana and peanut butter milkshake (with 1% milk) for breakfast. IT WAS YUMMY! I got the recipe out of my Fitness magazine. There was also a recipe for honey whipped cottage cheese with fruit and fresh mint that I will be trying. I guess I have to grow mint in my herb garden now too!

Speaking of gardens, I have a 5 gallon bucket of green beans that I will be freezing this evening. YUMMY!! We also have red and orange peppers, white corn, zipper peas, romaine lettuce, radishes, and soon, tomatoes. Our neighbor brought us potatoes, squash, and okra. We are swimming in veggies. WOO HOO. I think we are going to try cucumbers again next year as well as brussel sprouts. We try to plant the stuff that's expensive in the store to save money. It works out really well so far.