Monday, June 30, 2008


Well we found out my poor baby's digestive system just is not ready for milk. Dr. has recommended a calcium supplement and that we can try milk again in a month or so. I still have not heard back about an appointment for the cardiologist. They said up to a week so I am giving them until Wednesday and then I'll be up their a$$.

I have a 96% at the mid-point of my wonderful Business writing class. Thank GOD it's almost over. I don't know how much more I can take of bad grammar 101.

Tonight I start my on-campus class. Since I'm attending a PRIVATE catholic university, I have to take a religion class - Catechism for Adults is the name of the text. This promises to be VERY INTERESTING. Thankfully since it's summer session the class is only 6 weeks. I hope I don't have to write some kind of paper or I might blow my top.

We were given a free pool this weekend - one of those Wal-mart quick set dealies, about 4 feet deep, 14ft diameter. They were going to throw it away so we said sure we'd take it. So now Patrick, who seems to really take to the water, has his own pool to play in. It was nice yesterday - after my husband working in the yard and wanting to cool off and I needed a break from fussy butt - they went in the pool together and had a great time.

We haven't heard anything else on the house front - they are still looking. I did find out that they paid cash for the house, so since there is no mortgage for them that increases our chances of getting in - we may be able to work out a "rent to own" deal if we can't get a mortgage. I've heard it's pretty tough right now.

Ummmm - I think that's about it.

Oh yea, anyone want some corn?