Friday, February 10, 2006

20 Questions

Tag, I'm it! Blue Tige has decided he would like to know more about me, so he's decided to tag me with his 20 Questions meme (not sure if you could really call it that or not, but anyways - here goes:

1. Best memory? So far – I’m not really sure. Probably when I finished my AA FINALLY
2. Most terrible day? For personal reasons this is one I’d rather not elaborate on – I may share at some point.
3. Birth City? Sarasota, FL
4. Favorite thing to do? Reading, Cross-Stitching, Taking Photos, Surfing the Net, Hang Out by the fire up in Gainesville just having a good time.
5. Hollywood Crush? and why? Way too many – Mel Gibson (ooooh those blue eyes), Joaquin Phoenix (my BF says he has a hairlip), Tom Cruise (Top Gun Tom Cruise), Matthew McConaughey, Josh Turner (cause I LOVE his voice) etc.
6. Favorite food? Definitely Mac N Cheese, or Mugs N Jugs boneless buffalo wings.
7. City you want to visit most and why? First date with BF was there (St. Augustine) but now I would probably say DC, just so I can see all the famous landmarks.
8. Fantasy/dream that you want to come true? To make enough money so that I could travel around the world taking pics for National Geo.
9. Favorite sport? To watch – Football (college and NFL). To play – soccer
10. How long have you been married? I’m not – almost did, but thankfully NO.
11. Favorite song and why? I love way too much music to pick one favorite.
12. Someone you most admire? Honestly – my mom, for doing the best she could by herself.
13. Someone you hate and why? There’s a woman at work that might fall into this category – she’s old as sin and thinks she knows everything. Seriously.
14. Secret crush? Hhhhhmmmmmm, I don’t think I’ll tell ;P
15. One (maybe 2) rule/s you live by Try, try, try not to sweat the small stuff. Do unto others as You would have them do unto you
16. Do you believe in God? Yes
17. A dark secret (we won't tell) Good, but I’m still not telling…..
18. Most treasured item and why? Probably my computer. I built it myself and it still works!!!!
19. If you could turn back time, what would you do and why? Wow! I know some people have said they wouldn’t do it cause they’re afraid they wouldn’t be where they are today, but I would erase three things in particular (I would have graduated from HS and used my scholarship to FSU (instead of getting my GED), erase my reason for #2 above, and one more thing I wish not to share….
20. Last but certainly not least, what kind of "work" do you do and do you enjoy it? Right now I work in the Financial Reporting Group at a leading distributor of IT products based in Clearwater, FL; basically I do accounting stuff (bank reconciliations, account analysis, adjusting journal entries, variance analysis – boring stuff but it pays good). I like my job – except at the times between month end’s when it gets a little boring, but hey, I can always post on my blog!