Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Oh YAY! A meme! ***Updated

Tag I'm it....I've been tagged by MathCogIdiocy with the lastest meme circling the blogosphere. YAY for goes:

1: Black and White or Color; how do you prefer your movies?

Well, I haven't really seen any black and whites - the few I have seen are all those corny old monster movies; which I don't enjoy. So I'll have to say color.

2: What is the one single subject that bores you to near-death?

Probably anything science related.

3: MP3s, CDs, Tapes or Records: what is your favorite medium for prerecorded music?

I'm going to have to go with CD's since I don't have an MP3 player (hint hint to family; my birthday is coming up.....)

4: You are handed one first class trip plane ticket to anywhere in the world and ten million dollars cash. All of this is yours provided that you leave and not tell anyone where you are going ... ever. This includes family, friends, everyone. Would you take the money and ticket and run?

Sorry, no. I can't leave my family and the few friends I have.

5: Seriously, what do you consider the world's most pressing issue now?


6: How would you rectify the world's most pressing issue? bout kill 'em all?

7: You are given the chance to go back and change one thing in your life; what would that be?

Not something I would share....but yes I would change it.

8: You are given the chance to go back and change one event in world history, what would that be?

Messing with my own history is ok - but I don't think I could make that choice for others.

9: A night at the opera, or a night at the Grand Ole' Opry --Which do you choose?

That's a tuff one....I'd have to say the Grand Ole' Opry though cause I just hate getting all dressed up.

10: What is the one great unsolved crime of all time you'd like to solve?

I'm going to have to go with who really killed JFK.

11: One famous author can come to dinner with you. Who would that be, and what would you serve for the meal?

Gotta take a page out of T1G's book and say Stephen King. As far as what to serve for a meal - anything that's not messy so I don't make a fool out of myself.

12: You discover that John Lennon was right, that there is no hell below us, and above us there is only sky -- what's the first immoral thing you might do to celebrate this fact?

I probably wouldn't do anything immoral cause I couldn't live with myself.

Ok, so now that that's over with, I'm going to tag:

Tammi of Tammi's World - cause she's my favoritest aunt......

Ktreva of Reality Ranch - cause I don't think she's been tagged yet.....

Contagion of Miasmatic Review - cause he hates memes......

and last but certainly not least Oddybobo, cause she sounds like fun and I want to see what she says....

muwaahahaaaaaa - have fun all........

****apparently I have not been up to date on my blog reading cause it seems that Tammi, Contagion, and Oddybobo have already been tagged :( Have to pay more attention next time.