Thursday, February 16, 2006

Can You Say STUPID????

In reading my local news today, I come across this article.

Twenty minutes after Bob Heeman parked his company's
petroleum service
van at his house and went inside Wednesday afternoon, the
vehicle exploded, St.
Petersburg fire officials said.

Then it exploded again and again and

Ok, if I'm this guys neighbor, I'm doing two things right now:

  1. I'm trying to make sure my vehicle doesn't catch fire too
  2. I'm wondering what the HELL was in that van

Feinberg said the van belonged to Techniflow Inc., a St. Petersburg
company that works on service station pumps. Inside were two 55-gallon drums, two calibration tanks, aerosol cans and a bucket of soaked gasoline rags. Any of them could have been set ablaze, though investigators hadn't figured out what might have sparked it.

I'm also wondering why in the hell this guy would bring this van home with all of this stuff in it and think it was safe to park in his driveway for crying out loud. What a MORON.

**italicized comments are quotes from the article.