Monday, February 13, 2006


Yippee, Valentine's Day will be here tomorrow (note this sentence is dripping with sarcasm). But why, you say? I have a BF so I should be happy about that right? Not really. To me Valentine's Day has most always been disappointing. Sure I've gotten candy/flowers/stuffed animals a few times but it always seems so.......forced. It's not a special day if you have to remind someone that they better buy you flowers or else. This year was actually kind of funny though - here's an excerpt from a conversation with BF earlier:

BF "you know what - the other day when we stopped at CVS, I was supposed to get wrapping paper and I didn't"

ME "what the hell for?"

BF "so I could wrap your present"

ME (visibly and audibly excited now - I love presents!!) You got me a present? What for?

BF "for valentine's day DUH"

ME "Oh - so you're going to make me wait until next weekend now cause you forgot to get wrapping paper?!? (LOL - we like to tease each other)

BF "No, you can have it tomorrow"

ME "So how the hell are you going to give it to me tomorrow, are you going to drive all the way down here just to give me a present (remember, he lives in Gainesville and I am in Clearwater - approx 150 miles)

BF "No - I hid it in your house"

Ok pause here - he actually hid it in my house??!!! How the HELL did he do that without me noticing? AND - Is it just me, or is that the coolest?

So anyway, he proceeds to tease me about where he possibly hid it, cause he knows I am going to look now until I find it. He tells me to look under the sink the the bathroom (WTF?), in the stove (again, WTF?) and several other stupid places and then tells me to look under "his" side of the bed. Yea right - I just looked all these other places you told me and it wasn't there, like I'm going to keep going. So where was it - under the bed.

He got me a radar detector....Not the most romantic gift in the world - but hey - I don't wear a lot of jewelry and it was something I've been wanting so it works for me :)