Monday, February 06, 2006


Thank God I didn't end up being one of these people..... Yes, that is the roof of a car you see sticking up from under all that water. This was the end result of the big storms from Friday.

I had quite an adventure on my way out of town.....As most of you know (if you have been reading) on Friday I was waiting for the weather to chill out a bit before I left for BF's house. Well about 7pm my bro's GF called cause she locked her keys in the car and needed a ride home (we both work at the same place that is 2 miles from my apartment). So nice person that I am, I go pick her up - might as well check out the entrance ramp to the interstate.....So we get there and there is a F'ng LAKE (she took some pics from the camera phone but they didn't come out). They had the cop's out there cause there were several cars stuck in the road and these idiots were still trying to drive through it! Anyway, so we ended up having to go to the next entrance cause the ramp there was flooded.

Well, I have never used this ramp, and you would think I would be paying attention to where I was going instead of running my mouth.....not - we ended up going the wrong way on the ramp and were on our way to Tampa - of course you can't turn around on the bridge so I had to go over the bridge, turn around, and come back (about 15-20 minutes wasted there). The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful, but geez what a pain in the ass!