Monday, February 13, 2006

Disturbed Weekend

I think I mentioned somewhere that BF and I had tickets to see Disturbed this weekend. It was Saturday night at Jannus Landing. I don't know if anyone has been there before or not, but it's an outdoor venue. So Saturday afternoon, it starts to rain - yippee! It says right on the tix "rain or shine." So I'm starting to get worried, cause there's a cold front coming through and it's raining. Well it stopped so that was okay until it was time to leave.

The show was supposed to start at 7, so we left at 6. Get on the Interstate, and guess what??? It's raining again....YAY. By the time we get there, it's just sprinkling. So we park the car and walk the block and a half to the concert (this is a pretty small venue in downtown St. Petersburg) to get in line to get in. At this point, it's stopped raining again (remember, this is Florida - our weather is fickle). So we're standing there, and standing there, and standing there......7 comes and goes and we're still standing there. In the meantime, it's started raining again (a little harder this time) so we're soaked and pretty cold. Finally, about 7:30 they start letting us in.

YAY - head to the bar, get a rum and coke, go get a T Shirt, and find a spot to stand (no seats just a big open space) T shirt does a suprisingly good job of warming me up since I'm still a bit wet from the rain. So this freak guy who thinks he's a lizard (you had to see this guy, all tattooed, tongue forked and everything) comes out to announce the bands. First up - Temple of Brutality. Local band - they were pretty good, but got some boo's from the crowd when he said he was a Bush hater....

Lizard man comes out again, and proceeds to do parlor tricks for us. (Did I forget to mention that this is the Jagermeister tour - the guy is also doing shots of Jager on the stage). First off, he sticks a hook in his nose, and comes out of the mouth - then he decides to show us how he can stick a pair of scissors up his nose - I mean waaaaaaay up his nose. GROSS! Then a powerdrill - even worse. Finally he annouces the next band - Blood Simple. Apparently from NY - these guys are pretty good. They remind me a bit of Sevendust.

Ooops - forgot to mention. In the meantime it has started raining again - but harder still so now we are soaked to the bone and it is damned cold. Back to concert.....

Lizard man comes out yet again....yay. This time he wants to show us how he can get out of a straight jacket (you guessed it - by throwing his arm out of socket). Then he hangs a tap machine from his ears and lifts it off the ground. Then he shoves a condom up his nose, and out his mouth (at this point he was giving all the drunk guys a speech about safe sex and not to screw fat chicks). He then proceeds to shove it up his nose so he can blow it up. VERY disgusting this guy.

FINALLY - it's time for Disturbed.........This guy seriously sounds like the devil when he talks - SCARY. He makes sure everyone in the mosh pit knows his rules - if someone falls down, you pick them back up; and if a chick is brave enough to crowd surf you DO NOT under any circumstances use the opportunity to feel her up. He has no qualms about bringing people on stage and kicking their asses. How cool is this guy!!!! They absolutely frickin ROCKED!!!!!!! They played for about an hour and a half....all the good songs too. Unfortunately, we were surrounded by idiots who spilled their beer down my back, stepped on my leg, fell over on me whilst dancing, and all in all were just being idiots - so we moved to the back where we couldn't see the stage anymore. The good part was we were under a large tree, so when it started raining, again - we did not get wet.....YAY

All in all, a good time. And damn, that hot shower when we got home was NICE.